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New Blog Post 3

Thursday, 6 February 2020

On the first hand, you are in 4♥, after partner opened a 15-17 1NT and east overcalled 3♦.  On the previous board, you and your partner overbid to a hopeless, though logical, 4♥, down a few, and as partner puts down dummy, he comments that this must be a better contract. It doesn’t look that way after 3 tricks though: ♦8 led to the J, A and 7. ♦2 back, ruffed with the ♥4 and the ♣2 (attitiude) to the ♣K and ♣A. East returns the ♠J in trick 4. Over to you, if you draw trumps, you will find west discarding spades and east holding the 103.